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Hitachi Capital Corporation

Basic Approach

For the Customers and Partners

Hitachi Capital, to achieve our business strategies including Mid-Term Management Plan, considers customers and business associates to be partners to resolve issues to realize a sustainable society and environment, and attain growth together. We adhere to “Basics” and “Ethics” in our management policies, and place top priority on rights and interests from the perspective of customers and business partners.

For Local Communities

“Respect for Human Dignity”, which is one of our Management Philosophies, remains a basic philosophy in community and social contribution. As a company which gathers together employees able to act for themselves while seeing the perspectives of others, and able to contribute to society, we pursue social contribution activities.

For Employees and Their Families

To achieve “Respect for Human Dignity”, which is one of our Management Philosophy, we regard our employees as important management assets, and we work to provide them with better opportunities. This will enable each individual employee to work as an independent and valuable human resource, respect others, think and act from others people’ s perspective, work and live in harmony both inside and outside of the workplace.

Major Social Contribution Activities

Donations of Used Computers for Reuse

Hitachi Capital Corporation is continuing its practice of donating used computers for reuse at special needs schools, and at school libraries in areas hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The computers are donated through the Japan Leasing Association, a public interest incorporated association.
Elsewhere, Hitachi Capital Services Co., Ltd. sponsors a reusable computer donation program four times a year, offering a donation of computers for non-profit organization headquartered in Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki, and Kanagawa prefectures. The program, in operation since fiscal 2011, is part of the company’s efforts of social contribution with close community links.

Volunteer Activities for Environmental Conservation

In 1992, Hitachi Capital participated in the first round of the Forestry Agency’ s “company forest” program, cooperating in the conservation of forest resources. In 1999, we took the company forest as a symbol when we set up the “Company Forest Eco Club”, a voluntary club for employees. Club activities include planting forests an d cleaning beaches, mountains and rivers.
The Club joined in with the “Beach Cleanup Kanagawa” event, which was organized by the Fujisawa City in Kanagawa prefecture, and the Kanagawa Coasted Environmental Foundation. This was the 14th consecutive time the Club has participated, since 2001. In fiscal 2015, a group of Hitachi Capital Group employees and their families participated in activities.

Supporting Challenged Artists


We use works from the “Artbility” art library, which has been supporting Challenged artists since 1992, in our published materials (calendars and communications tools ), supporting the artists’ creative work. We have been a sponsor of the “Artbility Awards” since 1995, and we have been presenting a Hitachi Capital Special Award, as a way of supporting the artists’ independence and spreading their art.

Selling Products Made by Persons with Intellectual Disability

Since 1995, products made at nationwide SELP (vocational aid center) shops, where persons with intellectual disability work to become financially independent, have been introduced in our card member magazine and sold through mail order.