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Hitachi Capital Corporation

CSR Activities

CSR Vision

Basic Management Policy / CSR Promotion Organization

Basic Management Policy / CSR Promotion Organization

Recognizing the importance of having all employees embrace and share a common understanding of the corporate philosophies and ethics, we adopt the Basic Management Policy and various other policies and guidelines and put in place a CSR system.

Message from Top Management

President & CEO : Seiji Kawabe

The CEO's message is presented, highlighting our efforts to build trusting relationships with a number of stakeholders through conducting business activities.

About our CSR Activities


Engaged in a credibility-first financial service business, our basic operating stance is to enhance transparency of management, comply with relevant laws and social norms and maintain an optimal management structure for increasing corporate value.

Social Activities

Our CSR activities include actively communicating with employees and their families and the local communities as we work to demonstrate “Respect for Human Dignity,” which is one of the elements of our Basic Management Policy.

Environmental Activities

Believing that creating a sustainable society and environment is a necessary prerequisite for corporate sustainability, we pursue activities not only to reduce our environmental impact but also those that lead to users of our services reducing their environmental impact.

Reports and Feedbacks

Hitachi Capital Report

Hitachi Capital Report and CSR Report are available here.

External Evaluations

Results of the questionnaire on the Hitachi Capital Report, external evaluations and third-party comments along with responses from the CSR Director are available.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments on the Hitachi Capital Group’s Basic Management Policy, other policies and CSR activities.