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Hitachi Capital Corporation

President & CEO : Seiji Kawabe

Aim to become a “Social Values Creating Company” to create a better future

Hitachi Capital Group has been contributing to creating a richer society through provision of financial services by taking advantage of our diverse functions and the strengths as a manufacturer-affiliated financial services company and promptly meeting social needs. By maintaining high quality services and high credit ratings, we have been conducting our business for over half a century with customers' trust.

Business models and the industrial structure are now at a major turning point as represented by the advent of IoT, robotics, autonomous vehicles, AI, and FinTech. By adapting to these changes in society and changing smoothly, Hitachi Capital aims to become a “Social Values Creating Company” that provides what customers and society truly need. Being conscientious of the global environment in all aspects of management, we will strive to provide innovative solutions to society and customers by combining core businesses of "Finance," "Services," and "Commercialization" as a professional corporate group that continues to create "New values."

Keeping in mind the Company's Core Values, every employee will take actions and move toward creation of a richer future together with all of our stakeholders. We look forward to your continued support.

President & CEO : Seiji Kawabe