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Hitachi Capital Corporation

President & CEO : Seiji Kawabe

Hitachi Capital is a“Social Value Creating Company”that is conscientious of the global environment. We aim to provide new forms of value that further the development of society and enrich the lives of people.

We believe that implementing our principles, which include "Sustainable Growth,""Respect for Human Dignity," and "Implementation of Corporate Ethics," will enable us to achieve our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goals and live in harmony with society. To do this, the Hitachi Capital Group aims to start our new mission as a "Social Value Creating Company" and our new vision for the Second Growth Stage (the new Mid-Term Management Plan for the period from this fiscal 2017 until fiscal 2019).

My name is Seiji Kawabe. I was appointed President and CEO of Hitachi Capital Corporation on April 1, 2016.

Since its foundation in 1957, Hitachi Capital has been promoting businesses with a focus on regional communities, and applying different kinds of functions and products to help create a richer society.

In the Mid-Term Management Plan for the period from fiscal 2014 until 2016, we sought to complete an ongoing structural transformation (transformation) into a "highly competitive management fundamentals," successfully "transform the business model for regrowth" in the Japan Business, and "accelerate true globalization rooted in systematic development" in the Global Business.

Ultimately, we achieved record highs for the third straight year in income before taxes, and for the fourth straight year in net income attributable to the parent company and shareholders.

The current financial market is characterized by an excessive liquidity of funds as result of the introduction of negative interest rates in mature markets such as Japan and Europe. It is also at a significant turning point in terms of business models and industrial structures because technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), the IoT(note 1), self-driving automobiles, and Fintech(note 2) are becoming available.

We will act quickly to adapt to these social changes and generate the strength needed to offer the forms of value society requires. In doing so, we will seek to achieve the aims of our mission, which is to build a "Social Value Creating Company" that is needed by society and always capable of meeting its demands. In addition, in May 2016 we concluded a capital alliance agreement with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. and Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance : Company Limited to ensure our future growth. Motivated with our eyes on the future, we will seek to apply the expertise of a manufacture-affiliated company and financial company, and create new business opportunities through collaborative operations.

To become a "Social Value Creating Company," we believe that it is essential for management's ideas to be properly shared throughout all of our organizations. The same holds true for things noticed by employees who engage with various stakeholders that should be directly shared with management without delay. In short, it is essential for us to establish a sound corporate culture that allows for smooth two-way communication. We believe employees are assets("Human Capital"), and ask that they become professionals capable of thinking on their own.

To this end, we have formulated core values that represent our common values for becoming a “Social Value Creating Company.” Our ultimate goal is to provide valuable solutions that bring together the power of management, organizations, and human resources.

President & CEO : Seiji Kawabe

(note 1)Abbreviation for the“ Internet of Things.” A scheme in which a variety of things are connected to the Internet and mutually controlled through information exchange.
(note 2)A word coined by combining the two words of "finance" and "technology." It refers to financial services in which information technology is fully utilized.