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Hitachi Capital Corporation

External Evaluations

Selected as one of the FTSE4Good Index Series companies, an important index of SRI(Socially Responsible Investment)

FTSE4Good logo

We are one of the brands selected for the FTSE4Good Index Series(Note 1), a key index for SRI(Socially Responsible Investment).

(Note 1)The FTSE4Good Index Series consists of brands selected by the FTSE Group, in which the London Stock Exchange holds a stake, based on the concept of ESG(Environment, Society, Governance(corporate governance)).

Recognized as one of the highest ranking companies by the Development Bank of Japan in Environmental Rating

DBJ environmental rating logo

Hitachi Capital had certificated the highest rating in the“ DBJ Environmental Ratings(Note 2)”conducted by the Development Bank of Japan in recognition of its“extremely progressive initiatives for achieving environmental friendliness”in September 2016.

Selected as a Constituent of JPX-Nikkei Index 400

JPX-Nikkei Index 400

Since August 2014, Hitachi Capital has been a constituent of the JPX-Nikkei Index 400, a new stock index composed of companies that are “highly attractive for investors” and that meet the requirements of investment standards, such as efficient use of capital and investor-focused management perspectives. This stock index was developed jointly by Japan Exchange Group, Inc., Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. and Nikkei Inc. and went live in January 2014.

Credit Rating

Bond issue rating

We were the first in the leasing and credit industry to acquire the AA bond rating from Standard & Poor's(S&P)and Rating and Investment Information(R&I) in 1989 continuously.

Bond issue rating
  Japan Credit Rating
Rating and Investment Information
Standard & Poors
Bond issue rating AA− A+ A−

Acquired ISO Certification


The International Quality Assurance Standard "ISO 9001:2008" certification was acquired by Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC and Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions Ltd. in 2003, and by the Head office and the Business Support Center of Hitachi Capital Corporation in 2007.


In 2001, the certification of International Quality Assurance Standard “ISO14001:2004” for environmental management system was acquired by Hitachi Capital Services Co., Ltd. ,and in 2009 by Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions Ltd.

Participating external initiatives


Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century of Japan


Hitachi Capital Group conducted Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century of Japan (PFA21) in July, 2016.


Initiatives to reducing greenhouse gas, "Fun to Share"

Fun to Share

Hitachi Capital Group endorses the“ Fun to Share”, a public initiative organized by the Environment Ministry of Japan that consists of a variety of activities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. [1] The Group follows the “Cool Biz” initiatives from May to October and“ Warm Biz” initiatives from November to April, encouraging employees to wear more casual attire so that the air conditioners can be set at 28°C in summer and 20°C in winter. [2] Diligent efforts were made throughout the year to ensure that PCs, OA devices, and lighting equipment were switched off when not in use, while employees were encouraged to leave the office at the end of business hours.

Evaluation against the Reports


Results of questionnaires on the“Hitachi Capital Report 2015”(compiled on March 31, 2015)

 We at Hitachi Capital publish the“ Hitachi Capital Report” to help readers better understand both the financial side and non-financial side of the Hitachi Capital Group.
We appreciate your opinions and comments, which will help us improve the Report for fiscal 2016 as well as our business activities.

Comments on the previous year’s report and measures taken for the report for fiscal 2016
Comments against the report in Hitachi Capital Report 2015 Measures taken in the report in Hitachi Capital Reort 2016
Please increase the font size, and include more pictures. We applied the Universal Design Font to make the report easier to read.
  1. (Shareholder)Difficult to understand because of the broad coverage of too many subjects.
  1. (Investor)Please sort subjects and list them up by category, making sure that all information is covered.
  1. More detailed information should have been provided for key initiatives.
We decided to cover key financial and non-financial issues in a summarized manner in the booklet version, while moving detailed and comprehensive information to our website. We also put a link in the Table for Reference to GRI Guidelines to ensure better accessibility.
I don't want to see only good news being featured in the report. We prepared the report after clarifying opportunities, risks, and key challenges identified in fiscal 2016, while continuing to disclose negative information as before.

Third party opinions

This report is the first integrated report published by Hitachi Capital. It is different from CSR reports because it is written primarily for investors. To reflect this difference, the report is expected to provide a more in-depth explanation of the synergic relationship between the business strategy and responses to social and environmental issues. This might be one of the actions as a“ Social Value Creating Company”that rose by Mr. Kawabe as the Mission of Hitachi Capital. I would like to make the following comments based on this understanding.


Materiality is a base for integrated reports because it shows judgments on the importance of different issues in management pertaining to society and environment. The presentation of a materiality matrix is an important step forward. For the future challenges, it must be more accountable to disclose to clarify which thought process was applied to formulate the matrix. Additionally, it is also valuable of the perspectives of current Hitachi Capital business to consider to make dialogue with overseas stakeholders in the future.

Necessity from the perspective of future business development

The path to create social value should be more clarified reasons why specific social and environmental issues need to be addressed should be explained from a business-strategy perspective. LCM service that provides comprehensive BPO service covering the life cycle of IT devices and renewable energy business in the report must be the good example. Additionally, the nurturing and development of GAP service experts that is raised as an environmental target might be potential and this target may be related with startup “Food-related”business. For example, If there is a strategic story that connects the two factors, the necessity will be clarified more. Responses to social and environmental issues mean the business value to reduce the risks at the same time. In this context, it is worth to recognize that Hitachi Capital Report shows its risks widely and easy understanding in Risks to Hitachi Capital's Business, etc.

3.Group report

I hope that the inconsistent manner in which the data for the non-consolidated results and group companies is presented, the avoidance of which has already been raised as one of initiatives in the FY2019 Mid-Term Management Plan, will be corrected as soon as possible. It is not only to be valuable to show the status of initiatives as the group, but to adopt group integrated standard to realize group consolidated results, which is effective to urge understanding of social and environmental issues and initiatives in the group. I expect the data for the group consolidated results to disclose in the report.


ssues are discussed in a balanced manner because in order of sustainable growth, respect for human dignity, and the implementation of corporate ethics. To provide direction for the future, I suggest that responses to social and environmental issues be compiled by business area or by community because sustainable growth is discussed from the perspective of business areas or communities.

5.New challenges

The meaning and role of integrated reports is not fully understood or digested on a global basis. The challenges that Hitachi Capital is tackling this year are worth pursuing, and the company is on the right track. I have raised a number of challenges, and they represent issues common to many companies tackling similar challenges. I expect Hitachi Capital as a“ Social Value Creating Company”, and Hitachi Capital Report as the mile stone of the leading integrated-oriented company to continue examining and reporting on the relationship between mid- to longterm growth of a company and social issues more deeply from the perspective of a business organization.

Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry,
IAA Consulting Fellow
Toshihiko Fujii

Message from the CSR Director

During fiscal 2016, we focused our efforts on identifying the risks, opportunities, and the materiality of important social issues encompassing a broad range of themes, to clarify the policies for the Hitachi Capital Group based on the GRI Guidelines and ISO26000 as well as internal and external feedback. Through these efforts, which serve as a starting point for dialogue with our stakeholders, we sought to facilitate better understanding of issues important to the Company.
As pointed out in the third party feedback, there is a lot of room for improvement in the way the Company chooses and reports on materiality. Our efforts have just begun. Going forward, we will continue to conduct direct dialogue with stakeholders, step by step, presenting clear reasons for materiality decisions, and sharing risks and need to address them from the perspective of future business development. Through these efforts, we will work to reflect the feedback we receive within the Group’s policies and activities, and thereby creat new and valuable solutions that can meet our stakeholders' expectations.
To further growth as a“ Social Values Creating Company,” we will strive to communicate with as many stakeholders as possible in communities where the Company runs businesses, and follow the feedback they provide as we move forward in line with our policies and initiatives. We will appreciate any comments on the Group’s policies and activities.

Hitachi Capital Corporation
Executive Vice President and Representative Executive Officer / Director in Charge of CSR
Seiichiro Kishino