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Hitachi Capital Corporation

Hitachi Capital considers customers and business associates to be partners to resolve the issues to realize a sustainable society and environment, and attain growth together. We adhere to "Basics" and "Ethics" in our management policies, and place top priority on rights and interests from the perspective of customers and business partners.

For the Customers

We are working to maintain our high-quality management organization and enhance customer satisfaction to provide reliable services and product that meet customer needs.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

We view feedback from customers fairly and seriously, and respond sincerely to customers in a timely manner. To more quickly address customer requests, we have made changes to our corporate website so as to reduce the total number of inquiries we receive from customers. Specifically, we have set up a dedicated inquiries page

linked to our top page. The inquiries page contains an FAQ page (“Contact Us” and a page with information on various procedures where customers can download various documents, including for making changes to their contract information. In the same time, under our "Inquiries/Complaints Handling Policy for Customer's Satisfaction," we treat all of this feedback as opportunities for making continuous improvement in our products and services. Since December, 2015, we have redesigned and released the system for feedback from customers (alarm system), can respond to requests for consultation, complaints, and inquiries organizationally. In regards to requests for consultation, complaints, and inquiries from customers, we not only check the number of times we have been contacted. To solve the issues, we also make sure that (1) these complaints are recognized by responsible departments as complaints, that (2) they are addressed properly, and that (3) they are reported as information related to accidents. The results are shared throughout the entire company in the form of New Customer Reports on a monthly basis. Through these efforts, we work together as an organization to address complaints accurately and prevent their recurrence.

Number of complaints, questions, and inquiries in fiscal 2016
Fiscal 2015Fiscal 2016
Complaints 67 27
Inquiries 96,579 49,487
Requests for consultation 214,451 231,778
Total number of contacts 311,097 281,292

Hitachi Capital Insurance Corporation has been disclosing "customer feedback"(complaints and requests) it receives from customers, as well as the results of surveys conducted since fiscal 2007 on the satisfaction level of customers for whom the payment of insurance is completed, since fiscal 2010.

Additionally, to realize the customer-oriented business operation based on fiduciary duty, Hitachi Capital Insurance Corporation and Hitachi Capital Trust Corporation has been establish following policy since September, 2017.

For Partners (suppliers and partner vendors)

We position our partners as associates who work with us to provide our customers with optimum solutions. We act on the purchasing rules that clarify the procedures for carrying out purchasing operations, while working on the internal control of purchasing operations(Note 1) and implementation of corporate ethics in those operations.

Note 1: An in-company system that divides responsibilities. It not only prevents internal fraud and errors before they occur, but also promptly identifies them after they occur.

Basic Stance toward Purchasing

We conduct purchasing activities for all goods and services proactively and rationally, taking into account our management policies and the global environment, thereby contributing to the realization of our management targets.

We always act with an awareness of costs and based on the idea that our business partners are also stakeholders. At the same time, we strive to act with dignity in observing social justice and corporate ethics in a way that is consistent with our Principles. We also strive to prevent damage attributable to "antisocial forces" by implementing initial and regular (half a year) survey (including as needed) for all customers and suppliers.

FY2016 regular survey for customers and suppliers

Customers (Customers/Users), Suppliers1,244,418 cases

* Scope: Total number of the regular survey of Hitachi Capital Corporation that include the number of the group companies in Japan asked to research to Hitachi Capital Corporation

Internal controls for purchasing operations

Internal controls for purchasing operations

ESG efforts in our business to reduce the ESG risk of the customers