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Hitachi Capital Corporation

In Japan, by combining diverse functions, the Hitachi Capital Group focuses to 4 business fields (Social Infrastructure, Eco- and Energy- Related, Vehicle, Local Governments/Public Sector) addressing to various social challenges
Going forward, with delivering high-quality solutions, we contribute to create the better society.

Social Infrastructure Business

Social Infrastructure

Hitachi Capital supports renewal and redevelopment of Japan's public infrastructure built during the period of high economic growth, working in cooperation with partners for Private-Public Partnership (PPP) and Private Finance Initiative (PFI) schemes, as well as redevelopment projects for government offices and train station areas. As a manufacturer- affiliated financial service company, we provide services centered on our specialty in real estate lease, such as data centers and other types of IT infrastructure, and distribution centers.

Eco- and Energy- Related Business

Eco- and Energy- Related Business

Hitachi Capital, collaborating with Hitachi Group companies for the development of a sustainable society, fully utilizes its solution services including financing, insurance, trust service, and business process outsourcing (BPO) to support eco-friendly solar power, wind power, biomass power generation, and energy conservation projects.

Vehicle Business

Vehicle Business

Hitachi Capital provides financial services including auto leases and loans, and inventory finance for automobiles, as well as nursing care vehicles, industrial equipment, and construction machinery. We also offer high-quality services and solutions beyond the scope of finance, including insurance and maintenance, driver training and other types of technical support related to vehicle management, and services to address environmental issues.

Business for Local Governments/Public Sector

Local Governments/Public Sector

Hitachi Capital contributes to the regional revitalization and solving local issues through business including Private-Public Partnership (PPP) and Private Finance Initiative (PFI) of public facilities, services for financial needs of academic institutions, and measures for crime prevention initiated by local governments.