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Hitachi Capital Corporation

ESG information links of fiscal 2017

ESG information of Hitachi Capital Group updates as following links.

OverallESG-related Policies and fiscal performance overview
  • Basic Management Policy/CSR related Policies
  • CSR Promotion Organization
  • Materiality
  • Our company’s stakeholders, and methods used for engaging in dialog with stakeholders
Top message related to CSR
External participated initiatives, external evaluation, ISO certifications
Environmental Activities
  • Environmental management (policy, Environmental management system, policy and risks related with Climate Changes, and disclosures)
  • Environmental performance (Volume of energy input, global the volume of CO2 emissions, volume of waste, trend of copy usage, volume of water use, trend of green purchasing ratio, results of environmental goods and services, environmental accounting)
Social Activities
  • Relation with the Customers (related policies, external claims, questionnaire, requests for consultation, ESG efforts in business(ESG risk reduction for the Client)
  • Relation with Partner
  • Related with Human Rights
  • Communication between the Board and employees
  • Promote for the diversity, and work life balanced (system, performance, policy to working local staffs in each regions, etc.)
  • Career developmen
  • Evaluation/Promotion
  • Education/Training
  • Labor Safety
Social contribution (policy, donation contents and scale)
  • Corporate Governance (related policies, board of directors, executive board, Organization of Committees and system)
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance (several policies, and certifications, claims/legal cases/fines, relations with board and execution related to compliance and risk management, prevent corruption, complying with Competition Laws, and prevention of anti-social transactions, and money laundering, compliance educations, employees due diligence)

Note: Each link may change without announcement along with the change of our company’s site hierarchy and structure.