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Hitachi Capital Corporation

Our goal is to create new, unique, and high quality services for our clients.

  • Acquired all stock of Maske Fleet Gmbh (Germany) and Maske Langzeit-Vermietung GmbH.
  • Noordlease Holding B.V. integrated Noordlease B.V. and Lease Visie B.V. and changed its name to
    Hitachi Capital Mobility Holding Netherlands B.V.
  • Acquired all stock of Franchise Finance Limited (Britain).
  • Concluded an affiliation contract with proffesional golf player Kataoka Daisuke.
  • The First Issuance of Foreign Currency Denominated Green Bonds in Asia as a Japanese Company.
  • Acquired all stock of Lease Visie B.V. (Netherlands) (Present Hitachi Capital Mobility Netherlands B.V.)
  • Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC established a sales office in Amsterdam,The Netherlands.
  • Acquired all stock of Noordlease Holding B.V. (Netherlands) (Present Hitachi Capital Mobility Netherlands B.V.)
  • Japan Infrastructure Initiative Company Limited was established.
    (joint capital investment of Hitachi Capital, Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Company Limited, and The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. (Present MUFG Bank,Ltd.))
  • Share transfer of a portion of common stocks of Hitachi Capital owned by Hitachi, Ltd. was executed to Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. and Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Company Limited.
  • Certified as the Company of Support Raising the next-generations Children by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (received the corresponding certification label "Kurumin".)
  • Concluded the University-Industry Collaboration Agreement with Tokyo University of Agriculture.
  • Hitachi Capital Management (China) Ltd. was established.
  • Executed business alliance and capital alliance with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. and Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Company Limited.
  • Creekridge Capital LLC (U.S.) transferred the partial business to Hitachi Capital America Corp.
  • Hitachi Sutainable Energy Ltd. was established.
  • First Peninsula Credit Sdn. Bhd. changed its name to
    Hitachi Capital Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., established Kuala Lumpur office.
  • Hitachi Capital Singapore Pte. Ltd. changed its name to
    Hitachi Capital Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (Regional headquarters of ASEAN)
  • PT. Hitachi Capital Finance Indonesia was established.
    (co-established with BOT Lease Co., Ltd.)
  • Acquired all stock in CLE Canadian Leasing Enterprises Ltd.
  • Acquired stock in Corpo Flota Sp. z o.o. (90%) (Poland) (Present Hitachi Capital Polska Sp.zo.o.)
  • First Peninsula Credit Sdn. Bhd. Johor Bahru Office was established.
  • Hitachi Wind Power Ltd. was established. (co-established with Hitachi,Ltd.)
  • Hitachi Capital Factoring (China) Company Limited was established.
  • Acquired all stock of Hitachi Asset Funding Corporation by Hitachi, Ltd. (Present Hitachi Green Energy Corporation)
  • Acquired all stock of NBL Co., Ltd. (Present Hitachi Capital NBL Corporation)
  • Hitachi Capital Corporation Poland Representative Office (Poland) was established.
  • Hitachi Capital Corporation Vietnam Representative Office (Vietnam) was established.
  • Hennessey Capital, LLC(U.S.) transferred the partial business to Hitachi Capital America Corp.
  • Acquired "DBJ Environmental Responsibility Rating" from the Development Bank of Japan.
  • Hitachi Capital Canada Corp. (Canada) was established.
  • Hitachi Capital Servicer Corporation was assigned ABOVE AVERAGE overall servicer evaluation ranking (outlook stable) as a residential loan special servicer by Standard & Poor's
  • Started business and capital alliances with Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service Company, Limited.
  • Acquired company stock (75%) of PT. Arthaasia Finance (Indonesia)
  • Acquired company stock (40%) of NBL Co., Ltd.
  • Acquired company stock (75%) of First Peninsula Credit Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
  • Opened Hitachi Capital (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Chonburi Branch.
  • Opened Hitachi Capital Leasing (China) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Branch.
  • Opened Hitachi Capital Leasing (China) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Branch.
  • Participated in an Agricultural Fund (Kyoto Noshoko Cooperative Support Fund)
  • Purchased additional stock in Financial Bridge Corp.
  • Acquired all stock of Robinsons Garage (Aylestone) Limited
  • Acquired all stock of London Scottish Invoice Finance, Ltd. (Present Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance, Ltd.)
  • Hitachi Capital (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established.
  • GONTAZAKA SQUARE Corp. was established, (“Gontazaka Square shopping center” Opened in July)
  • Invest in Agricultural Fund (Ehime Gaiya Fund)
  • Acquired "privacy mark" certification.
  • Hitachi Capital Auto Lease Corporation acquired the environmental rating from the Development Bank of Japan. This is the first such acquisition in the auto leasing field.
  • Hitachi Capital Trust Corporation was established.
  • Hitachi Capital Leasing (China) Co., Ltd. was established.
  • Conducted Construction and management of large-sized commercial facility, “Ayase shopping center” (Opened in March)
  • “Reuse service” started.
  • Acquired “Nice Assist award” from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare due to their evaluation of our social contribution activities.
  • Hitachi Capital Insurance Corporation started. It entered the domestic direct writing insurance business (Old company name: UNUM Japan Accident Insurance Co., Ltd.).
  • Hitachi Capital Ayase SC Corporation established as part of an urban renewal project.
  • Began the ESCO business in the environmental energy-saving market.
  • Farmers “Aqua Agri card” was issued (in conjunction with the COMERI group). The first trial in Japan.
  • Representative office established in Beijing city, as a step towards entry into the Chinese market.
  • Adopted the “Company with Committees” system to strengthen corporate governance.
  • Total medical service started in conjunction with SOGO MEDICAL CO., LTD.
  • NOVA square opened. (Hitachi Ochanomizu head office store). Started store development for companies in good standing.
  • Acquired company stock (90%) of Sekisui Leasing Co., Ltd.
  • Financing by a leasing-only company was executed for the first time.
  • Hitachi Capital Servicer Corporation started collection administrative work based on the Servicer law.
  • Started new automobile purchasing system (using private car leasing service).
  • Acquired all stock of Trowbridge Vehicle Rentals Ltd. (Merged with Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions Ltd. in 2006.)
  • Began sales of new model private car leases “borrowing profitable free design” of dealer alliance type.
  • Hitachi Triple Win Corp. established.
  • Acquired all stock of Credit Solutions Northern Ltd. (England). (Present Hitachi Capital Credit Management Ltd.)
  • Hitachi Capital was born.
    (Hitachi Credit Corp. and Hitachi Leasing were merged on October 1.)
  • J-debit card mobile settlement service started as the first trial in Japan.
  • Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions received “Most Excellent Manager Team award” from British Management Association.
  • Began supporting 10th Handicapped People Art Bank award (present Artbility award) through offering “Hitachi Capital special award”.
  • Hitachi Credit Securities Co., Ltd. (present Hitachi Capital Securities Co., Ltd.) established.
  • Hitachi leasing Service established (Merged with Hitachi Capital Service Co., Ltd. in 2003.)
  • Hitachi Credit (UK) Corp. went public on the London stock exchange. First trial for Japan’s overseas affiliated firm. (Present Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC)
  • Credit function-attached ID card first issued.
  • The “HITACHI club P+ point card” (present “Kurashi Pia (Life Pia) card”) first issued. First trial for the home appliance industry.
  • Started building leasing business utilizing business-use term leasehold interests.
  • Acquired all stock of Ambassador Insurance (Ireland).
    (Present Hitachi Capital Insurance Europe Ltd.)
  • Payment agency system (“Bill-less system” service) started.
  • CP (Commercial Paper) first issued as the first trial in the credit industry.
  • First company to participate in the “Forest of Corporate Body” system led by the Forest Agency.
  • Acquired all stock of Fleet Lease (UK) Ltd. (England).
    (Present Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions Ltd.)
  • Acquired lease/credit industry’s first debenture issue “AA” rating.
  • Nova Auto Lease Corp. (present Hitachi Capital Auto Lease Corporation) established.
  • Nova Business Services Co., Ltd. (present Hitachi Capital Services Co., Ltd.) established.
  • Hitachi Credit America Corp. (present Hitachi Capital America, Corp.) established.
  • Received “Miles award,” a first in the financial industry.
  • Amic Data Services Corp. established.
    The company name was changed to Hitachi Capital Data Services Corp. in 2002.
    Merged with Hitachi Triple Win Corp. in 2005.
  • “Lease property trust” developed. (Japan’s first securitization of assets and loans started.)
  • Nichiwa Rental Service Corp. (former Hitachi Lease-Rent) established.
    (Merged with Hitachi Capital.)
  • CI strategy introduced.
  • Amic Corp. established (present Hitachi Capital Servicer Corporation)
  • Hitachi Credit (UK), PLC (present Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC) established.
  • Singapore branch office opened (It became an overseas subsidiary company under the name of Hitachi Capital Singapore Pte. Ltd.)
  • Proper card “HCC” first issued.
  • “NOVA” card (present “HITACHI” card) issued (JCB affiliated Hitachi group card).
  • Life insurance-affiliated loan business started.
  • Went public on the stock exchange.
  • Agency business for life insurance started.
  • The Hitachi Credit (Hong Kong) Corp. established.
  • Affiliated credit card (revolving) first issued (first trial in the credit industry)
  • Rental business started.
  • Auto leasing business started.
  • Company name changed to Hitachi Credit Corporation (from Hitachi Geppan Corp.)
  • Hitachi leasing Corp. established (as the first Japanese manufacturer-based comprehensive leasing company) to enter the leasing business.
  • Account automatic transfer system introduced.
  • Hitachi Geppam Corp. established (four area corporations in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyushu and Nagoya were merged to construct a nationwide organization).
  • Tokyo Hitachi Home Electric appliance Geppuhanbai Corp. established (as the first installment sales company of the Hitachi group).