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Hitachi Capital Corporation

Hitachi Capital Corporation

Message from the President

President & CEO : Seiji Kawabe

The Hitachi Capital Group has the policy of “providing values trusted by customers in Japan and abroad, local communities and society.”

Company Profile

Company Profile

Corporate outline, address of headquarters and map are provided here.

CSR Activities

We adopt the Action Guidelines in pursuing business activities while taking environmental considerations into account, as we work toward achieving “sustainable development of society.”

Basic Management Policy

The Hitachi Capital Group operates on a policy of “helping to further enrich our society by creating values that match the needs of society and customers.”

For corporate governance of the Hitachi Capital Group, please click following banner below.

Hitachi Capital Group Corporate Governance


Since its founding in 1957, Hitachi Capital has continued to provide unique services of high quality.

Directors and Officers

We work to enhance our operating structure that is necessary for cultivating values needed by customers and society, and thereby help to create a better society.