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Hitachi Capital Corporation

President & CEO : Seiji Kawabe

As a “Social Value Creating Company,” Hitachi Capital aims to meet social expectations and be a truly needed multiple service and solution provider.

To realize our mission to be a Social Value Creating Company, Hitachi Capital is aiming to evolve from a finance company. In order to be a versatile partner with the ability to not only discover but also to provide what society really requires based on changing technologies and needs.

As a result, we will make our stakeholders proud as a company that is necessary and vital for society and will continue to grow in the future while constantly changing flexibly with the passing of the era.

Dialogue with stakeholders is essential for us to practice more reliable and high-quality ESG management. As the part of this dialogue, we hope our integrated report, Hitachi Capital Report and web information will help you to understand the Group’s policies and activities, and we welcome any opinions you may have.

Seiji Kawabe
President & CEO
Hitachi Capital Corporation