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Hitachi Capital Corporation

Basic Principle

Hitachi Capital thoroughly protects the personal information in its possession.

Action Guidelines

We determine and execute our internal rules in line with the Private Information Protection Law and related laws, with state guidelines, and with other norms. We also test, audit, and revise them in a process of ongoing improvement.

1. We obtain the necessary consent before handling personal information.

  • When we handle personal information, we shall explicitly disclose matters relating to acquisition, use and provision and obtain necessary consent within the scope of our business operations.
  • We shall not handle personal information beyond the purpose of use of the personal information and shall take measures necessary to ensure it.

2. We handle personal information with great care.

  • We shall retain personal information in accurate and most updated condition and shall implement measures to prevent and correct any leakage, losses or damage of personal information.
  • In case that we entrust personal information with any party, we will provide necessary and adequate supervision to ensure its safe management.

3. We always respond with sincerity.

  • When we receive any inquiries or requests regarding the handling of personal information, we shall without delay conduct necessary research and, based on its results, disclose or correct information.
  • When we are requested to stop using or providing personal information, we shall without delay respond to such requests.
  • When we receive complaints about the handling of personal information, we shall appropriately and promptly respond to such complaints.

Enacted February 27, 2002
Revised February 27, 2012

Hitachi Capital Corporation
President & CEO : Seiji Kawabe